PTDE Requirements

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To begin the Parent Taught Driver Education program, you must:

  1. Determine whether you qualify as an instructor. 
  2. Submit an application for each teen along with a $20.00 non-refundable fee. (check or money order only) payable to the Department of Public Safety in Austin, Texas at the address provided upon the DPS application
  3. Obtain/purchase Curb Buster Course#104 Online Program - Register

To obtain a Learner’s or Provisional License, you must:

  1. Meet the requirements of an original applicant. 
  2. Complete the first 6 hours of classroom instruction of any PTDE course. (Learner’s license only) 

Requesting a Packet - now available online.

(Click here: Request Packet.) 
An additional Request Form and $20.00 non--refundable fee are required for each student who will be participating in the Parent Taught Driver Education Program. You may now purchase online and get immediate delivery. 

NOTE: No classroom instruction is permitted prior to signing up with DPS and requesting the Parent Taught Driver Education packet. Any instruction prior to that time will not be accepted toward the required instruction time. 

Instructor information
To teach parent taught driver education, the instructor must be:

  • the future driver’s: parent, step-grandparent, step-parent, foster parent, grandparent, or legal guardian. A legal guardian is defined as a guardian who has been legally appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction. Power of Attorney is not legally sufficient. 
  • If you are not one of the above-mentioned people, you are NOT eligible to teach parent taught driver ed., i.e. a spouse may not teach PTDE to his/her wife/husband
  • Have a responsible driving history as defined by law:
  • The instructor must have held a valid driver license for the past three years. 
  • With no suspensions or revocations for traffic related violations. 
  • With less than 6 points on his driving record prior to the beginning of instruction. (If you have paid a surcharge for points in the past year, you are probably not
    eligible to instruct Parent Taught Drivers Education).
  • The instructor must NEVER have been convicted (or received a probated sentence) for: Driving While Intoxicated/Driving Under the Influence (in another state), or Criminally Negligent Homicide.
  • Plus, the instructor may not be disabled due to mental illness. Questions as to mental stability will be forwarded to the Medical Advisory Board for etermination.

Check your record before signing up
It is the responsibility of the instructor to check both his 
criminal and driver records prior to signing up for PTDE and requesting the DPS packet. If part of the past 3 years of your driver history is out of state, you must bring your out of state driver history record to the driver license office. The Department will not confirm the instructor's eligibility until issuance of the student’s learner license or provisional driver license. If, at the driver license office, it is determined that the instructor was not eligible to teach parent taught driver education (i.e. has a prohibited conviction, suspension, revocation or points), the learner license or provisional driver license will be denied and all prior classroom and behind the wheel/in car instruction credit is invalid.

For instructors with out of state driver license history during the past 3 years, the instructor must bring a complete driver history called a “certified abstract” from their former state(s) to the driver license office when the student applies for issuance of the learner license or provisional driver license.