About us

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Curb-Buster is designed to save lives of young drivers by changing their attitudes and behaviors through training, education and parental participation.

Since the 1950's motor vehicle collisions continue to remain the #1 cause of death for young drivers in the United States. Yearly. nearly 6,000 teens lose their lives and another 300,000 are injured in motor vehicle collisions. 

From a saftey benefit standpoint (formal driver education, public and commercial driver education schools) has failed to produce the desired results. 

How can you give you son/ daughter the best chance to drive and survive. 

Unfortunately, many state licensed driver education teachers, parents and young drivers alike share the attitude that simply possessing the ability to break, steer and accelerate makes a good driver. 

If you, as a parent buy into this philosophy, you must live with the consequences. 

It is our hope that once your young driver acquires the physical skills that you then emphasize and require your young driver to demonstrate the drive to survive skills of defensive driving and attitudinal dynamics.

It is not the lack of physical skills which contributes to the injury and death among teenagers in automobile collisions but their attitude and behavior ( Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).